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Living in a Changing World

by Carolyn Weatherford Crumpler [Editor’s note: Carolyn Crumpler is a member of the board of Christian Ethics Today and is one of the dearest friends I have. Her experiences in Baptist life have spanned the seismic shifts in American society and in the Southern Baptist Convention, first in the area of Race Relations and then regarding the Role of Women in the church. Finally, she confronted the shift within the SBC toward rigid, authoritarian, male-dominated rule and became an early leader of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Her grace and courage are inspirations to many of us. The following was...

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A March on Washington Reflection- Awake My Soul…It has been 50 years

The following post is by Pat Anderson, former interim executive coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and editor of Christian Ethics Today.     Pat Anderson (r) at CBF Movement Leadership Team Summit at First Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga., August 27, 2013.     by Patrick Anderson It is said that many of the people who were present during President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address did not hear the President’s speech, were unaware of its import, and only later were able to read the text in newsprint. Of course no video or voice recording was made, no one captured the immortal...

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Prison Bars and Jingle Bells

  I brought 3-year-old Scruffy to the office today. This fine Cairn Terrier is a member of the family, primarily Sydney’s dog, but a member of the whole family.  The story below is how he came to be with us three years ago.  He is very happy today in the CBF office, and the staff seems to appreciate his networking spirit.  Pat Anderson   By Pat Anderson December 2009     Except for a few years when our children were small, but even then deep down, I harbor an adult-long dislike for Christmas.  I don’t like the mythology of Santa, the reliance of...

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