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  1. How to I make the text larger on my screen?
    While holding down the CTRL key, roll your mouse's roller. 
  2. Do you sell books, CDs, and Videos?
    We often send select gifts of appreciation to our donors.
  3. What if I find a formatting or spelling error in one of the articles on the CET WEB page?
    Please use SUBMIT CORRECTION form to help us make CET better.


  1. Complete CET Journals can be printed which will be a duplicate of the Journal.
    1. 64 Journals in PDF are online See: CET Issues in PDF
    2. A duplexing printer will allow you to print on both sides of an 8.5×11 sheet of paper.
    3. Clickbooks by Blue Squirrel will allow you to print on both sides easily as well as make booklets. Program costs but it is very handy.
  2. Individual articles can be printed as you search. Look for the PRINT button. (PDF Format)


  1. Is there a cost for subscriptions to the Journal?
  2. OUTSIDE USA: Do you mail the printed CET Journal outside the USA?
  3. How do I modify, add, or delete a subscription?


  1. We will not share or sell your contact information and/or email address

What is PDF?

  1. Portable Document File is a special method to format pages, which guarantees the page to look like the original.
  2. Find FREE PDF readers on the Internet:
    2.  Or, do a search for "free pdf readers"
  3. When you download/install any program from the Internet, ALWAYS be careful.

  1. The SEARCH TOOL allow searches by:
    1. Author
    2. Title
    3. Type of writing: Article, poem …
    4. Category: over 300 categories
    5. Word or phrase within each article.
    6. Issues
    7. Year published
  2. Partial words and phrases provide greater search results
  3. The SEARCH features allow you to click on:
    1. Any author and see displayed all the author's writings in CET
    2. Sort columns by clicking on column header
  4. CET Issues in PDF