• Maintain an independent prophetic voice for Christian social ethics
• Interpret and apply Christian experience, biblical truth, theological insights, historical understanding, and current research to contemporary moral issues
• Support Christian ecumenism by seeking contributors and readers from various denominations and churches 
• Work from the deep, broad center of the Christian church
• Address readers at the personal and emotional as well as the intellectual level by including in the Journal narratives, poetry, and cartoons as well as essays
• Strengthen and support the cause of Christian ethics

Christian Ethics Today was born in the mind and heart of Foy Valentine in 1995, as an integral part of his dream for a Center for Christian Ethics. In his words, the purpose of the Journal was “to inform, inspire, and unify a lively company of individuals and organizations interested in working for personal morality and public righteousness.” 
When the Center was transferred to Baylor University in June 2000, the disbanding Board voted to continue the publication of Christian Ethics Today, appointing a new editor and a new Board. The Journal will continue to be published four times annually.
From the beginning Christian Ethics Today has been sent without charge to anyone requesting it, “as money and energy permit.” More than ever before, your financial support is “greatly needed, urgently solicited, and genuinely appreciated.” 
The Christian Ethics Today Foundation is a non-profit organization and has received a 501 (c) (3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts are tax deductible.