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Foy Valentine Remembered…A Friend for the Ages

By Patrick R. Anderson Editor, Christian Ethics Today Eight years ago January 7, one of our great Baptist leaders, Foy Valentine, passed on. We remember him fondly, and miss him a great deal. The first time I met Foy Valentine was on the telephone. I was in my faculty office at Louisiana State University late one afternoon when the call came. He identified himself, and I recognized the name, remembering his valiant leadership of the Southern Baptist’s Christian Life Commission during the turbulent Civil Rights Movement era. I could not imagine why he had called me, and I could...

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God With Us

Patrick Anderson, Editor Christian Ethics Today as posted in 12/17/2012 I have heard it said this weekend, after the horrible murders in the school in Newtown, Connecticut, that this carnage is the result of God being put somewhere or taken somewhere or banished from somewhere. Who thinks God can be put somewhere or taken away? Seriously? Really? Does anyone think school prayers and nativity scenes in courthouse lawns would have prevented this? I think not. This unspeakable tragedy is beyond our understanding, but it is not a sign of God’s absence. I feel the presence of God all...

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