Issue 128

What Will Christians Do About Jesus?

By Wendell Griffen What will Christians—notably theologians, pastors, religious educators, and other expositors of the religion of Jesus— ...

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White Privilege? Who, Me? 

By Charles Kiker I have seen and heard negative reaction to the concept of White Privilege, such as, ...

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2nd Amendment has been distorted

Note: Warren E. Burger was nominated by President Richard Nixon and served as Chief Justice of the United ...

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‘He Gets Us’ is feeding information to data analysts and, ultimately, conservative political Groups

By Kristen Thomason  “He Gets Us,” the “biggest faith-related campaign in history,” showcased two commercials at this year’s ...

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Churches and The Death of Third Places

By Mark Osler I live in Minneapolis, where many of us enjoy the short summer by ditching the ...

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Spring Issue Overview

By Patrick Anderson, Editor This issue of the journal begins with an op-ed written by the late Supreme ...

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