Issue 131

Why All Civilian Lives Matter

By Jessica Wolfendale Some commentators have criticized Israel for causing what is claimed to be disproportionate harm to ...

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Anti-Zionism Is Not the Same as Antisemitism. Here’s the History.

By Benjamin Moser In December 2023, amid catastrophic bloodshed in Gaza, the U.S. House of Representatives resolved that ...

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MAGA versus WWJD

By Patrick Anderson, editor William Glasser, the late American psychiatrist who developed a technique for individual counseling called ...

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In Defense of Red Letter Christianity

By Tony Campolo Words, say experts on language, gain their meaning by how they are used within the ...

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By Cassidy Hutchinson (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2023). 362 pages. Reviewed by William Powell Tuck Enough is ...

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